Insider trading by Congress? It's time to fix the law

The Hill|7 days ago
The right solution is to only allow public officials to trade securities based on broad market indices.

Senators' Stock Trades Would Make a Poker Cheat Blush

Bloomberg|2 days ago
Efforts to clamp down on potential insider trading by members of Congress have largely worked, but recent events suggest more needs to be done.

Are Recent Stock Sales by Members of Congress the Tip of the Insider Trading Iceberg?

Law|9 days ago
As we have seen from recent press reports, this is not just a theoretical question, as it appears that certain members of Congress sold stock after attending a series of confidential congressional briefings around the threat of the novel coronavirus beginning in late January,

How Congress Gets Away With Insider Trading Even Though It's Against The Law

VICE|10 days ago
Members of Congress should be banned from owning individual stocks altogether, and the sharing of "political intelligence" with outsiders should have to be disclosed, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told VICE News.

Gianforte disputes Fox's insider trading claim

Last week the campaign of Republican governor candidate and Attorney General Tim Fox claimed in an email that one of his primary opponents, U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, is financing his

Insider Trading Enforcement And COVID Political Intelligence

Law360|11 days ago
Fund managers working with political consultants to help navigate pandemic-prompted market volatility may face insider trading scrutiny for any well-timed trades around major coronavirus news, say attorneys at Schulte Roth.

Coronavirus insider trading cases against Burr, Loeffler and others differ drastically

In the frenzy of initial media reporting in March, Senators Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, Dianne Feinstein, and Jim Inhofe were often grouped together in allegations of insider trading regarding the coronavirus-induced stock market tailspin.

US stock futures plunge, trigger limit down trading halt, after Senate fails to agree on $1.6 trillion stimulus package

Business Insider|6 days ago
US equity futures fell sharply after trading commenced at 6 p.m. ET. S&P 500 futures slid more than 4% within five minutes, triggering a

Experts suggest financial reforms as insider trading questions engulf Congress

WCAX3|5 days ago
Trading laws are under scrutiny following revelations that lawmakers may traded on insider information to immunize their assets from coronavirus' financial fallout.

Why prosecuting senators for trading on Covid would be so tough

Two different laws could criminalize trading activity by senators and congressional staff. But proving a violation and convicting them is not likely.

Use Insider Buying to Identify Top Dividend Payers

Investment U|6 days ago
The truth is, people with insider knowledge about the market often use that information to enrich themselves through insider buying or selling. But most of the time, if this trading is done legally, there's actually a way that you can track their behavior.

Other Senators Don't Have Richard Burr's Insider-Trading Problem

National Review|17 days ago
Unique among those caught up in this coronavirus-related controversy, the North Carolina Republican is in significant legal danger.