The Political Corruption Crimes We Experienced In California And Washington DC

The government is responsible to us for the damages to we citizens caused by the crimes of government staff.

The NY Times reported: "Ms. Feinstein and her husband sold $1.5 million to $6 million worth of stock in Allogene Therapeutics, a California-based biotech company, in transactions that took place on Jan. 31 and Feb. 18." She, as usual, claimed that she has "no involvement in her husband’s financial decisions" to avoid criticism. Do you really think that she has no idea about multi-million dollar deals that her husband is involved in? Dianne Feinstein, and her family owned the HR services, the construction company, the leasing services and the stock market accounts in Tesla and Solyndra and got the owners of those companies their government hand-outs. White House Staff and Department of Energy staff were fully aware of this and covered up these conflicts to protect their own stock holdings and revolving door jobs. She, and other Senators, ordered hit-jobs on the competitors to those companies, who were their constituents, in order to protect their stock holding profiteering efforts.

Public integrity at The Department of Energy and The U.S. Congress is in shambles because of this audacious corruption.

These are just a few of the corrupt financial conflicts of interest we experienced while engaging in a federally contracted program:

We saw Congress not only fail to eliminate both the appearance and the potential for financial conflicts of interest; we saw Senators, White House staff and Department of Energy executives optimize the support structure to engage in such criminality.  Americans must be confident that actions taken by public officials are intended to serve the public, and not those officials. The actions taken by Obama Administration staff and Department of Energy officials in illicit coordination
with U.S. Senators were criminal acts in violation of RICO and other laws.

We saw illicit individual stock ownership by Members of Congress, Cabinet Secretaries, senior congressional staff, federal judges, White House staff and other senior agency officials while in office. Those government officials acquired, held, 'pump-and-dumped' and traded stock where its value was influenced by their agency, department, or actions in efforts that harmed us.

We saw our government officials engage in organized crime.

We saw conflict of interest laws and ethics violated by the President and Vice President in violation of Conflicts of Interest standards in which the President and the Vice President did not place conflicted assets, including businesses, into a blind trust to be sold off and hid conflicts of interest.

We saw senior Department of Energy government officials, employees, contractors and White House staff invest inprivately-owned assets that did present conflicts and harmed us, including large companies like Tesla, Google, Facebook, Sony, Netflix, etc., and commercial real estate.

We saw an organized crime scheme to not respond to filings by citizens or reporters. Former White House and Energy Department staff use 'stone-walling' to intentionally delay responses for a decade, or more, and that tactic continues to this day.

We saw ethics rules violations by government employees, including unpaid White House staff and advisors.

We saw executive branch employees fail to recuse from all issues that might financially benefit themselves or a previous employer or client from the preceding 4 years in the "Cleantech" programs.

We saw a 'Revolving Door' between Silicon Valley industry and government and we saw tech companies buying influence in the government or profiting off of the public service of these officials. 

We saw lobbying by the President, Vice Presidents Members of Congress, federal judges, and Cabinet Secretaries; and, we saw other federal employees lobbying their former office, department, House of Congress, or agency.

We saw our competitors immediately hiring or paying these senior government officials from agencies, departments, and/or Congressional offices recently lobbied by those companies and staff from our Senator's office go freely back-and-forth at jobs at the companies and the offices of the Senators.

We saw the world’s largest companies, banks, and monopolies, especially Goldman Sachs, (measured by annual revenue or market capitalization) hiring or paying former senior government officials mentioned herein. We saw the massive, and unfair,  ability of companies to buy influence through current government employees

We saw current lobbyists taking government jobs after lobbying.

We saw corporate outlaws like Google, Tesla, Facebook, Linkedin, Netflix, Sony, etc., working in government via top corporate leaders whose companies were caught breaking federal law.

We saw contractor corruption where federal contractors and licensee employees worked at the agency awarding the contracts.

We saw “Golden Parachutes” that provide corporate bonuses to executives for federal service as bribes.

We saw massive influence-peddling in Washington DC.

We saw the manipulation of the federal definition of a “lobbyist” to exclude most individuals paid to influence government.

We saw individuals paid to influence government on behalf of for-profit entities and their front-groups who were facades for Silicon Valley oligarchs.

We saw the obfuscation of the disclosure of lobbyist activities and influence campaigns where our competitor's lobbyists did not disclose specific bills, policies, and government actions they attempted to influence; nor many meetings with public officials; and many documents they provided to those officials

We saw massive influence-peddling by Foreign Actors such as that which occurred in the ENER1, Severstal, Solyndra and related scandals. We saw substantial foreign influence in Washington by foreign lobbying.

We saw American lobbyists accepting money from foreign governments, foreign individuals, and foreign  companies to influence United States public policy at the Department of Energy and other agencies.

We saw our competitors current lobbyists taking government jobs after lobbying and using those positions against us where they exploited 'Legalized Lobbyist Bribery' and traded money for government favors for our competitors.

We saw political donations from lobbyists to candidates or Members of Congress in exchange for helping our competitors that the lobbyists worked for and that the Members of Congress owned stock in. We saw those lobbyists operate contingency fees that allowed those lobbyists to be paid for a guaranteed public policy outcome.

We saw our competitor's lobbyist gifts to the executive and legislative branch officials they lobby.

We saw our Congressional representatives use our competitor's lobbyists for "expertise" and information in our industry.

We saw those in our congressional service get paid non competitive salaries that do not track with other federal employees.

We saw the removal of the nonpartisan Congressional Office of Technology Assessment to avoid providing open-source critical scientific and technological support to Members of Congress in order to tunnel-vision info about our competitors.

We saw a non-level playing field between our competitor's corporate lobbyists and government via excessive lobbying over $500,000 in annual lobbying expenditures by our competitors in a huge number of anti-trust violations.

We saw a COMPLETE failure of individuals and corporations to disclose funding or editorial conflicts of interest in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.

We saw McKinsey-type sham research which undermines the public interest by not requiring that such studies, that present conflicts of interest, undergo independent peer review to be considered in the Congressional rule-making process.

We saw agencies refuse to justify withdrawn public interest rules via public, written explanations.

We saw loopholes exploited by powerful corporations like Google, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Sony, etc., to block public interest actions.

We saw loopholes that allow corporations, like Tesla and Google, to tilt the rules in their favor and against the public interest.

We saw Silicon Valley oligarchs and their agency shills delay or dominate the rule-making process by the practice of inviting Google, Tesla or Facebook to negotiate rules they have to follow.

We saw inter-agency review manipulation as a tool for corporate abuse used for the banning of informal review and closed-door industry lobbying at the White House’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

We saw abusive injunctions from rogue judges, like Jackson, et al, where individual District Court judges, can temporarily block agencies from implementing final rules.

We saw hostile agencies use sham delays of implementation and enforcement by using the presence of litigation to postpone  the implementation of final rules.

We saw obfuscation by agency public advocates to prevent public engagement.

We saw the blockading of private lawsuits by members of the public to hold agencies accountable for failing to complete rules or enforce the law, and to hold corporations accountable for breaking the rules.
We saw a failure to inoculate government agencies against corporate capture such as Google undertook against the White House.

We saw our complaints and whistle-blowing buried in an avalanche of lobbyist activity.

We saw our competitor corporations game the courts by requiring courts to presumptively defer to agency interpretations of laws and prohibiting courts from considering sham McKinsey studies and research excluded by agencies from the rule-making process

We saw blocking of the Congressional Review Act provision banning related rules that prevent agencies from implementing the will of Congress based on Congress’ prior disapproval of a different, narrow rule on a similar topic.

We saw a failure in the integrity of the judicial branch by reducing rules that prevent conflicts of interest.

We saw individual stock ownership by federal judges in our competitors.

We saw judges accepting gifts or payments to attend private seminars from private individuals and corporations that were our competitors.

We saw non-ethical behavior by the Supreme Court in which the Court did not follow the Code of Conduct that binds all other federal judges

We saw a lack of public insight into the judicial process by the hiding of information about the process and an increase in the barriers to accessing information.

We saw reduced disclosure of non-judicial activity by federal judges and the hiding of judges’ financial reports, recusal decisions, and speeches.

We saw a blockade of public access to court activity by refusing to live-stream, on the web, audio of their proceedings, making case information easily-accessible to the public free of charge, and by federal courts not sharing case assignment data in bulk.

We saw our rights restricted and our access to justice blocked to all but the wealthiest individuals and companies. 

We saw barriers that prevented us as individuals from having our case heard in court via harsh pleading standards that make it too hard for individuals and businesses that have been harmed to make their case before a judge.

We saw no independent agency dedicated to enforcing federal ethics and anti-corruption laws.

We saw no support for stronger ethics and public integrity laws via stronger enforcement.

We saw no federal ethics enforcement with effective investigative and disciplinary powers that would help individuals.

We saw minimal enforcement of ethics laws via corrective action, levying civil and administrative penalties, and referring egregious violations to the Justice Department for criminal arrest and enforcement. 

We saw no IG anti-corruption and public integrity oversight over federal officials, including oversight of agency Inspectors General, or ethics matters for White House staff and agency heads, or waivers and recusals by senior government officials.

We saw no investigation independent and protected from partisan politics through a single Director operating under strict selection, appointment, and removal criteria.

We saw no easy online access to key government ethics and transparency documents, including financial disclosures; lobbyist registrations; lobbyist disclosures of meetings and materials; and all ethics records, recusals, and waivers.

We saw no independent and empowered ethics office insulated from congressional politics.

We saw few criminal and civil violations in our case referred to the Justice Department, the Office of Public Integrity, or other relevant state or federal law enforcement.

We saw broken Federal Open Records laws, public official and candidate tax disclosures.

We saw Silicon Valley Oligarch special interests using secret donations from corporations and their Cartel of billionaires to influence public policy without disclosure

We saw Google and Facebook provide over a billion dollars of political campaign financing with NO action by the FEC.

We saw fake tech company 'nonprofit organizations' refuse to list donors who bankrolled the production of any specific rule-making comment, congressional testimony, or lobbying material, and refuse to reveal whether the donors reviewed or edited the document at the Silicon Valley insider companies.

We saw the hiding of individuals and corporations disclosures of funding, or editorial conflicts of interest, in research submitted to agencies that is not publicly available in peer-reviewed publications.

We saw McKinsey sham "Cleantech" and "battery research" reports undermineg the public interest by using studies that present conflicts of interest to independent peer review to be considered in the rule-making process.

We saw loopholes in our open records laws that allow federal officials to hide tech industry and Silicon Valley oligarch industry influence.

We saw a failure of the presumption of disclosure and a failure to affirmatively disclose records of public interest, including meeting agendas; government contracts; salaries; staff diversity; and reports to Congress.

We saw Tesla Motors get in-person, hand-walked, through the DOE government cash give-away while all of Tesla's competitors were ignored, black-listed, never communicated with and blockaded.

We saw no use of a central FOIA website that is searchable and has downloadable open records databases with  all open FOIA requests and all records disclosed through FOIA.

We saw limited FOIA enforcement by not limiting FOIA exemptions and loopholes, and by not giving the National Archives the authority to overrule agency FOIA decisions and to compel disclosure.

We saw Congress become less transparent by not ending the corporate lobbyists leg up in the legislative process. The
public deserves to know what Congress is up to and how Silicon Valley lobbyists influence legislation.  

We saw a failure to require all congressional committees to immediately post online more information, including hearings and markup schedules, bill or amendments text, testimonies, documents entered into the hearing record, hearing transcripts, written witness answers, and hearing audio and video recordings.

We saw a refusal of Members of Congress to post a link to their searchable voting record on their official websites

We saw a hiding, by Silicon Valley lobbyists of when they lobby a specific congressional office; specific topics of visit; the official action being requested; and all documents provided to the office during the visit.

We saw much, much more...

There are many, many news reports, 60 Minutes episodes and Ethics Committee reports and filings, that anyone can look up, to see stories about many other people who saw all of these same exact things.

We now want to see: 1.) Our damages paid for, 2.) the FBI 302 reports on our case, 3.) arrests of the government employees who engaged in this corruption and 4.) new laws to make sure this never happens again!